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For many years I was a keen Motocross Enduro Rider,…

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competing most weekends. In March 2011 all that came to an end when I hit a tree competing in an event near Newport. The impact tore ligaments in my left knee and broke my ankle. It was a dificult road to recovery with a long time off my feet. I decided that getting back on the bike was not going to be a wise decision and began my search for another sport. I started to run in the summer of 2012 with the ambition of competing in obstacle races. I met up with a running club which ran from DW sport. That’s when I met Steve Lewis and Fortitude Running Group. At that point I was only comfortable with running 2 to 3 miles and looking back at my records my 3 mile pace was around 33 minutes. After a few weeks Steve and I spoke about goal setting. I then set a goal to run the Cardiff Half Marathon in 2013 and aim for a finishing time of 2 hours. It’s funny how over the year that goal moved. Merthyr Running Club was then formed and I met more keen runners all with their own ambitions and goals. This motivated me to run further and faster, constantly changing my goals. My first running event was the Merthyr Police 10 mile in 2013. A few weeks later I ran the Cardiff Half Marathon in 1 hour 38 minutes. I believe that Goal setting is important in everything you do in life. My goals this year are to run in my first Marathon, compete in Ironman Wales and the Snowden Marathon.