My name is Lindsay; I am a working mother with 3 young children…

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so finding time to fit in regular exercise has always been a challenge. Unable to make gym classes due to time restraints has always been an obstacle for me to keeping fit and active. I have always admired runners and always inspired to run out doors myself. There would be no time restraints and I could fit it in around my daily routine. But I found the thought of running alone quite overwhelming and daunting.

In February 2012, through face book, I began to follow friend’s posts that too had just started to run outdoors. After making contact and joining them on a run one early Saturday morning, I became hooked. This was the start of my newfound passion and developed the running bug quite quickly at the age of 39.

At first I began to run to lose weight and to get back in shape after 3 pregnancies but then found it had emotional as well as physical benefits. I was amazed how my fitness developed; I lost the weight and started to look and feel amazing.

Running outdoors has allowed me to see beautiful places that I never new existed, meet with friends on a regular basis and through running I have achieved new dreams and feel more confident of dreams in the future.

When I was given the opportunity to become a running leadership coach I was elated and esteemed the chance to be able to encourage and motivate others to achieve their goals too. Running has enabled me to share my passion, encourage, support and inspire others to also accomplish their dreams.

Over the last 2 years I have slowly built up my mileage from 3-mile short runs, interval running and longer distant running and completed my first half marathon in LLanelli in March 2013. Then going on to complete the Cardiff half marathon in October 2013. The Bath half marathon is my next venture leading up to my biggest challenge of all. On the 13th April 2014 I will be running my first full Marathon. “The Virgin London Marathon” . Going to show that if you want something that badly you can achieve it.

From not being able to run 1 mile to now being a marathon runner. I am hooked. I lam an athlete.